CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Uses Left-Wing Comedians to Attack Republicans

Just now on CNN, Wolf Blitzer reverted to that old 2008 trick the corrupt media uses to attack, mock undermine, and denigrate our side. Under the phony guise of a “light moment,” during the closing  4PM hour of the “Situation Room,” Blitzer launched a series of late night comedy clips featuring Colbert, Stewart, Fallon, etc. who always, always, always rip our side with extreme prejudice while barely laying a glove on Obama.

Donald Trump was the primary target here, but so was Mitt Romney. Leno took a hardly noticeable swipe at Barack Obama which was followed by Jimmy Fallon telling us how excited he was to interview Michelle Obama and party with the Secret Service next week.

 Ooh, that’s sure going to leave a mark.

This is Shameless Media Bias 101. CNN and Wolf Blitzer know it because they were among the worst in 2008 when it came to using America’s Comedic Palace Guards to turn the “elderly” John McCain and “dim-witted’ Sarah Palin into punchlines.

Now that Obama’s looking like he’s in real trouble, CNN and Blitzer are up to their old, corrupt tricks.