Before You Celebrate African-American History Month

This kills me coming from the Right….Stop Falling For Political Correctness.

Carter Woodson created BLACK History week.  He chose the second week in February to honor and celebrate the lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.  Woodson wanted blacks to not only learn about their own heritage but to also understand the progress that could be made when whites and blacks worked together.

When the Progressives moved to turn Black History Week into Black History Month, they diminished Carter Woodson’s entire purpose for creating the time of reverence.  It’s now used to seperate where he once wanted us to be bonded by history. 

Calling this month African-American history month only adds to the Progressives’ rebranding of fact.  Carter Woodson didn’t call it African-American history because it wasn’t the history of Africans in America. It was the history of slaves and freedmen, how they became Americans, and the impact they had on building America.