The Urban Lemonade Stand

In response to Can a City Like Chicago be Saved?:

I don’t think Chicago can be saved…I believe the people in Chicago must save themselves.  And Capitalism and Free Markets are the only answer. Hey wait, I’m on #TheConversation, so let me state it like this….

I’ve never known anyone that ran a lemonade stand.  We had a candy bar racket.

Take $3.00, go to the dollar store and buy 12 candy bars. (Keep believing in inflation isn’t real)  Sell the candy at .50 cent a piece and make $6.00.  Go back to the dollar store, buy $4.00 worth of candy, put $1.00 in your piggy bank, and $1.00 to spend anyway you like.  Repeat the process.

We have to stop acting as if we have low information voters and start understanding we have ineffective messaging.  Urban youth and young adults understand hustle and that’s how we should sell limited government.