A Message for Christopher Dorner Supporters

I bet you voted for Obama, didn’t you?  I bet when he said the Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly, you cheered.  I bet when Eric Holder dropped the charges on the Black Panthers, you laughed all the way to your imaginary bank.  I bet you are standing beside Obama on the whole issue of gun control and you would just love to see Obama shove a bill down Congress’ throat, wouldn’t you?

My dad used to spend my lunch money on lottery tickets, so I’m not a betting girl. I, with out a single shadow of doubt, know these things to be true.  Well, let me take a moment of my time to pop your Utopian bubble.

In Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto, he complains about a L.A. cop involved in the Rodney King beating still getting paid by the State of California.  Guess who paid for the cops’ lawyer, paid to get his back pay, and helped negotiate the terms of his continued service in the Los Angeles Police Department? 

THE UNION!  The same UNIONS Obama and the Democrats want you to come out to march and support. 

Oh!  It gets better.

Obama has created a new middle class and it involves POLICE.  Listen as Obama taunts the jobs saved or created during the Recovery summer; teachers, construction workers, firemen, and POLICE.  You get unemployment and food stamps and Obama protects the UNIONS, those police officers you hate so much, salaries, benefits, and pensions.

And if the police are so violent and corrupt, why would you be laboring for a society where only the police have guns??????

If your issue is with race, are you even concerned Dorner killed a woman of color?

Of course you don’t because you are nothing more than cowards.  You don’t have the will or the guts to protect and defend your community.  You don’t have the moral fiber to look into a 16 year old rape victims’ eyes and promise to find her attacker, look into a mother’s eyes and watch her melt finding out her only child has been killed, or a father’s eyes when he finally finds a job and can afford Christmas for kids only to find his house has been robbed. 

If more cowards like you started defending and protecting their own communities from the real criminals, there wouldn’t be a need for so many police.  And maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t show yourself for the mindless, powerless drones you are.