#TellAFeministThankYou for Rhianna and Chris Brown

Rhianna and Chris Brown show up at the Liberal puke awards, aka The Grammys, arm in arm and everyone hates on Chris Brown.

Why Feminist?

Don’t you teach women they are equal to men, in every way?  Why is a fight between a man and a woman, who have no differences, affect you so desperately?

I want to share some advice my mother gave me as a child, “if you’re big enough to put your hands on a man, then you are big enough to be taken down by one.  Keep your hands to your self.”

And some advice my father gave me as a child, “aim straight, breathe, and pull the trigger nice and slow.”

I’m sure if you asked Rhianna, she would laugh and agree.

Rhianna knows whether she threw the first punch or not, Feminism will defend her; she is a delicate flower and he is the big bad wolf.   You can thank a Feminist for that.