An Entire Day Looking For Bill Cosby's Social Justice

I loved The Cosby Show growing up.   They were the perfect family, growing up in a perfect house with an uncanny ability to perfectly solve any problem.

Everyone wanted to be a Huxtable.

No one, however, mentions the Social Justice indoctrination of the Cosby Show.  In one episode, Bill and Claire return to Hillman for the retirement of the college’s Dean.  This was the first time I had ever heard the words Social Justice. 

I wanted to share the video but I can’t find it.  I’ve spent over eight hours searching youtube, episode lists, and random links. NOTHING. It’s like the episode never existed.

Social Justice, as described by the Dean, sounded just like a Tea Party platform.  There was no mention of government assistance, food stamps, or section 8 housing.  The speech was about self-reliance and acheivement coupled with a cohesive family and community element.  The burden of black success was placed on the back of blacks and they were charged with meeting the challenge. 

I wonder why the video is missing?