Homeless Brooklyn Man Sues Democrats for Victimization

Okay, that’s not the real headline but it should be

A 32 year old Brooklyn waste of space, energy, and effort decided to sue his parents for $200,000 because they didn’t love him enough.

At first I laughed.  Then I thought the parents are probably Democrats and raised their son since birth to believe all his problems were caused by white men in sheets.  Now that he can’t find and punish the mystical ghost of the left, he has decided to place blame on the parents that taught him being a victim acceptable.

If that’s the case, shouldn’t he also include the Democratic party that promised Social Justice regardless of actual production?  Include Al Sharpton for not showing up to protest his parents refusal to pay their fair share?  Include the bank that judged his parents on their credit score but won’t give him the money to start his own Domino’s franchise?