How BET Destroyed "The Game"

Originally created and directed by Kelsey Grammer, “The Game” used to be one of my favorite shows.  It was the only sitcom, to my knowledge, that had three right leaning black leads.

Malik is the Libertarian; a “Do You” attitude and he celebrated his success everyday.

Derwin is the Social Conservative; God fearing and humble to a fault.

Jason is the Fiscal Conservative; to Jason, a budget isn’t balanced if there isn’t a surplus.

They were all hard working, dedicated, flawed, but strong black men.


Malik becomes a drug addict (can’t give people too much freedom), bankrupt (he spent his money on himself and his family, not charity), and in rehab (he needs a little social awareness and re-education).

Derwin gets a barren marriage (you believed in God but your wife had abortion and is now sterile HAHA), disrespected (you used to be humble, let’s make that prideful and arrogant instead), and on the verge of a divorce (you want to be head of your household?  Let’s give you an independent woman that cares more about her career than you).

Jason gets divorced (okay, maybe he deserved that), remarried quickly (we have to remove the one white character from the show), and thrown into a racial pot (you married a white girl?  Let’s bring in Brandy and show them how a black girl does it).

BET took a popular sitcom and turned it into trash.  The characters suck, the storylines suck and BET has no one to blame but itself.