Purim, Blackface [not really] and liberal hypocrisy

Purim, Blackface [not really] and liberal hypocrisy

When liberal hypocrisy and liberal stupidity collide the result is tragic yet funny to watch. 

The NY Times reported “Assemblyman Defends Wearing Blackface to a Party” 

The assemblyman, Dov Hikind, a Democrat and a longtime power broker in the Orthodox Jewish community, wore an Afro wig, brown makeup, an orange jersey and sunglasses as part of a costume that he said represented a “black basketball player.”

How is this blackface?

“The main objective that I have is not to be recognizable,” Mr. Hikind said in an interview. “Of course the intention was not to offend anyone. That’s the last thing that I ever imagined that would happen, to be very honest. It never crossed my mind.”

Mr. Hikind had hundreds of guests to his home on Sunday, and as he said he had done in past years, he enlisted a professional makeup artist to help him with his costume. When his grown son, Yoni, asked him if he could post a photograph of the outfit on Facebook, Mr. Hikind said he did not see a problem with it.

Race feathers were ruffled, the newspapers, the offended NYC Council’s Black, Asian and Latinos caucuses and many more pounced. As if race riots were on the horizon the cacophony of PC voices went into crisis mode.

I’m defending Dov on this one because he did nothing wrong. It was makeup. Think of the Wayans brothers in White Chicks. He wrote on his blog that it was a product of “political correctness to the absurd” and he’s correct. The so-called offended groups and race pimps should look in the mirror as it’s they that see color first. 

They almost Juan Williams-ed Dov Hikind NPR style. 

It’s Purim folks, lighten up and L’chaim.