Klavan Defends Seth MacFarlane's 'Boobs'

Last week I wrote a defense of Seth McFarlane’s Sunday night performance as Oscar host. Because he’s smarter than I am,  my pal Andrew Klavan took that a step further picking up on something I hadn’t even thought of: that MacFarlane’s “We Saw Your Boobs” song is kinda conservative:

Criticize the song??? The right should’ve posted the bloody song on every website we have! We should have said: Hey, ladies, if it makes you feel bad when someone publicly talks about what you publicly do — guess what? Don’t do it! Do something else instead! Maybe treat your bodies with dignity and respect — the way you’ll want your daughters to treat their bodies. The way men ought to treat them.

MacFarlane’s humor did one of the very things that good humor is supposed to do. It told the truth about an accepted practice that is morally absurd. As right wingers dedicated to moral truth, we should have used the moment to pleasantly and sweetly drive the point home.

Read it all.

MacFarlane’s joke about Rihanna and Chris Brown struck me the same way (if you’ll pardon the pun). The “Family Guy” creator wasn’t mocking the abuse of women, he was mocking a sick relationship; and that is a good thing.

Through the use of humor, MacFarlane was shaming destructive and debasing bad behavior.

More please.


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