T.I. & Tiny: Reality Feminist Don't Want You to See

T.I. & Tiny: Reality Feminist Don't Want You to See

When you have the King of the ATL with a ball and chain of a wife, it can’t make for an interesting reality show.  I mean, there’s no fighting, cussing, yelling, screaming, arguing, or arrest–wait a minute, strike that last one.

That’s the story of T.I. & Tiny.  For the Hip Hop impaired, T.I. is one of the hottest rappers in the game, a reality show personality, owner of Akoo clothing, and all around business man.  Tiny is a former singer with group Xscape, a song writer and producer, and all around business woman.  They are married with a gaggle of kids.

Their reality show focuses on juggling family, careers, and T.I.’s attempt to rebrand himself after his latest run in with the law.  Inside the show is the real message feminist hate; no matter how far you fall, the man’s place is still at the head of his household.

The women that will complain about my last comment are the same women who wish they could marry a T.I.  Tiny is an independent woman, she had money before T.I. did, but in her house T.I. is the man and she doesn’t argue with that fact.


T.I. doesn’t allow the mistakes of his past to haunt his house.  As far as the cameras can see, he passes his hard knock learned lessons to his children.  He constantly enforces discipline, ambition, work ethic, responsibility, and a respect for authority.

Just wanted to add that tidbit.



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