T.I. Tuesday: An Act of Kindness

T.I. Tuesday: An Act of Kindness

With CPAC2013 just around the corner, I find myself disappearing into God and Hip Hop.  I love being me, lol.

My sister sends me this post on Facebook:

After Being Raped & Abused By The Father Of Her Children Ms.Gloria Has Been Homeless For 4 Months After Her Family Turned There Back On Her After Her 2nd Child With Her Baby Father. Gloria & Her 2 Daughters Lived Under The Bridge In DownTown Atlanta. T.I. Met The Mother & Gave Her A Beautiful Home & Took The Mother & Her Daughters On A Shopping Spree & Signed A Check To The Mother For $10,000 & The Hustle Team Will Work With Gloria Into Shes Back On Her Feet Thanks To – T.I. – KING

The pessimist in me wants to say, “Her abusive baby daddy will be back before you know it.”

But at this point, with all the blessings that surround me, I pray Ms. Gloria finds peace and strength from the kindness of a stranger.  I pray her children can find forgiveness and a vision of hope for the future.  I just pray for her and her family.

And I thank God for T.I.; not as an artist (though I love his music), not as a philanthropist, or a capitalistic genius.  I thank God for a testimony of falling and getting back up, failure and redemption, and the American dream on full display.

Whether or not you like his music, inside T.I.’s bars is the story of struggle in black America. Not so much the outside struggle, but an impeccable glance into the internal struggle between what’s right and what you’ve known your entire life.

It’s the struggle to grow up.  The struggle to turn from a Liberal into a Conservative. 



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