"(white) privilege" a socialist vision of equal outcome

"(white) privilege" a socialist vision of equal outcome

I have warned Americans for two decades plus about a reverse racism that has now become institutionalized and here is the evidence for all to see. 

This is the true goal of the Americorps – VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) – program that encourages white students to wear a white wristband “as a reminder about your (white) privilege.”

They are part of the hard-core leftists social engineering effort to fundamentally transform America.

Marx, Engels and all the great socialists have had this vision of equal outcome based on eliminating disparity rather than celebrating true diversity. This socialist effort has destroyed countries like Greece and Venezuela.

What is it that we as Americans have to “unlearn” according to Gloria Steinem? We’ve eradicated slavery, advanced opportunity for all regardless of ethnicity or gender and demonstrated to the world that freedom is the best way to achieve and advance.

The white privilege wristbands are part of a determined effort to marginalize one segment of our population, to reduce them in some form with a false effort to prop up another a.k.a. so-called blacks and other minority groups.

Real empowerment comes from achievement not from denigrating or demeaning and another. American privilege from a cultural point of view is based in opportunity for all.

Disturbing that it is also about securing government funding. Government’s role is to be the guarantor of our rights under the constitution, not apportion them by funding efforts to transform America into a socialist vision.