Sesame Street Designs Online Kit For Kids With Parents In Prison

Sesame Street Designs Online Kit For Kids With Parents In Prison

(RNN) – Sesame Street has created and an online kit designed to help children cope with the emotional issues associated with having incarcerated parents.  Nearly two million U.S. children have a parent in prison and according to the kit’s web site, “The incarceration of a loved one can be very overwhelming for both children and caregivers. It can bring about big changes and transitions. In simple everyday ways, you can comfort your child and guide her through these tough moments. With your love and support she can get through anything that comes her way.”

The kit is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 8 and offers videos including a musical number entitled “You’re Not Alone” as well as an animated video with the title “Visiting Dad In Prison.” 

Another goal of the kit is to provide caregivers with the necessary tools to help the children cope.

For example. Tip 6 helps a caregiver prepare a child before a visit to the big house: “Before you visit your incarcerated loved one,” the kit says, “let your child know some of the things she can expect to happen. For instance, ‘We won’t be able to sit in the same room with Mommy, but we can see her through a window and read a story together.'”

It also comes as a mobile app. 


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