Of Course CNN Hired S.E. Cupp; She Loves To Criticize Conservatives

I like S.E. Cupp. I think she’s smart, and funny and she’s a great new face for Republicans or Libertarians or whatever camp she feels most comfortable in these days, I’m not sure. She embodies a funny and irreverent perspective that was groomed on “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld” and it sometimes appeared on the awful “Spin Cycle” on MSNBC when her producers allowed it. 

But, make no mistake, CNN has hired her as one of the “conservative” voices for their re-launched “Crossfire” program so that she can assist in the larger media narrative that conservatives are too harsh, mean, dumb, etc. 

The only news Cupp made over the past year was when she criticized Sarah Palin, CPAC and Rush Limbaugh. Meanwhile, she had the lowest of all hanging fruit right across the table from her every day in the personage of Touré and I can’t find any headlines where she called him out for his destructive, mean-spirited race-baiting. By the way, the criticism of Palin was over her support of Newt Gingrich’s presidential bid. Gingrich was also named as the other voice of conservatives on “Crossfire.” 

So CNN is already splintering the conservative message on their new show by putting Cupp and Gingrich together. CNN debuted the team on Piers Morgan to discuss the same-sex marriage decision where she proclaimed her support for the decision and contradicted Gingrich on air.