Why the 'Private Life' of Anthony Weiner Matters… A Lot

My mile-wide libertarian streak when it comes to what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes, wants to agree with those who claim that how Anthony Weiner conducts himself in private has nothing to do with his qualifications to be New York City’s next mayor.

My mind, however, will not let me get away with it.

When a public official, or someone who desires to be a public official (like Weiner), engages in the kind of behavior — personal or otherwise — that compromises them to a point where they could be blackmailed into doing something against the public interest, the voters need to know about it. And there is no question that Weiner engages in the kind of behavior that leaves him open to blackmail.

Furthermore, what we have in Anthony Weiner is probably not someone who can’t control himself, but someone who probably doesn’t want to control himself.

Weiner likes to fly his freak flag online. He enjoys the “danger” and like many men who betray their wives in this way, feels empowered by Huma’s pathetic willingness to stand by his side no matter how many times he publicly humiliates her.

But this behavior leaves Weiner open to blackmail, and will most certainly do so should he become one of the most powerful mayors in the world.