Bikers Riding To DC For WWII Memorial Rally, Tomorrow – Oct 5

Less than a month ago, hundreds of thousands of bikers rolled into Washington DC  to protest a Muslim march that was provocatively timed for the 12th anniversary of 9/11. Even though they were denied a permit, one estimate put the number of bikers who participated in that event at 880,000. 

Via Maggie’s Notebook, Eric Zern, one of two national coordinators of the “2 Million Bikers Ride to DC” is now coordinating the Ride for WWII Veterans Memorial ~ Escort & Honor Ride.  

Details at the “Ride’s” Facebook page.

We have full support from 2MBTDC and Top Fuel Bill’s riders support this event. Both groups have distributed full ride details to their members. We already have riders coming in from adjacent states to support our vets. At the present time, we are expecting 1,000+ riders to come to DC to support this event! 

Please escalate this event to all interested riders! We are going to show DC how quickly we can amass a staggering number of riders and take it to the streets of DC!! Share this with everyone you know!
Riders!…Kick Stands Up and lets ride for these American Heroes!! America’s Greatest Generation defended our rights 70 years ago. Not it’s time that we defend THEIR rights and ensure they have access to THEIR Memorials. It’s time we show our government that we will no longer tolerate the political thugs that feel they can punish America into submission!! We are done with it!!
Let’s roll!!


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