The Insufferable Martin Bashir

In response to Grayson, media bias, and the new totalitarianism:

Let’s not let Bashir off the hook, here. To my eyes, he was the worst offender of the two.  Alan Grayson is already considered to be a bit of a loose cannon –  even to his Democrat colleagues on the House  Intelligence Committee who recently refused to allow him access to classified materials because of his past behavior.

If you watch the entire segment, which I transcribed in my post,  you see in Bashir, a vicious ideologue attempting to normalize toxic and extreme left-wing propaganda. I embedded the shorter youtube clip out of compassion for Breitbart readers who might not have the patience or stomach to sit through five minutes of these two racialist clowns carrying on until it got to the punchline. But I linked to the full segment. Bashir’s insults toward the millions of decent, law-abiding, patriotic Americans who make up the tea party, and his insults toward Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin were insufferable. And to me – more damaging than Grayson’s outrageous burning cross/tea party analogy which most people can see is over the top nonsense.

What Bashir and the rest of the talking heads at MSNBC constantly do, is attempt to toxify the tea party and conservative politicians – discredit them – make them hated and reviled by repeating over and over again that they’re racist. This is pure Alinsky Rule #13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Mr Alinsky would truly be astonished if he saw how far today’s progressives have run with that one.

People wonder why the Republican brand is so tarnished – it is because of tactics like this.