Republicans Need To Unite (But Not Walk In Lock Step)

In response to When You Win You Don’t Have To Explain:

I am literally the most conservative person I know, but I also understand that there are districts in this country where a Republican as conservative as I am,  can. not. win.

That’s why we have the Buckley rule:  Support the most conservative candidate who is electable. Sometimes that candidate is going to be someone who is much less conservative than I am. And you know what? Unless there is a massive change in the political ideology of my fellow countrymen, that’s just the way it’s going to have to be. 

All of this “establishment” vs “tea-party” infighting is childish and destructive because it plays right into the Democrat media complex’s narrative that the Republican party is imploding. 

The tea party needs to understand that not every candidate is going to be their ideal limited government, social conservative candidate, and the establishment needs to try a little harder to  get along with the more conservative factions of their party who are trying to pull it in the right direction.

Whoever the Republican nominee ends up being in 2016, I’ll get behind. 

Elected Republicans need to do a better job of showing party unity.  I understand that there will be differences in opinions in how to go about reaching the same goals, but those who loudly speak out against fellow Republicans (I’m looking at folks like John McCain and Peter King) need to be shown the door. The Democrats don’t need any help in that department.

I’m not asking that they all walk in lock-step like Democrats as we’ve seen time and time again. Whatever the Regime scandal du jour, Obama can count on his troops in Congress to circle the wagons. As this presidency unravels, their unwavering faith in him throughout Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the IRS scandals could come back to haunt them. 

One thing is for sure – after three years of being enthusiastic cheerleaders for Obama’s deformed health care law (that they passed on a party line vote),  we’re all seeing what an embarrassing nightmare for them, their lock-step support for ObamaCare has turned out to be, now that we’ve reached the moment of truth. 

Only a month ago, during the shutdown, the Democrat mantra was, “Republicans are afraid of letting the American people see ObamaCare, because they know they’ll love it so much!”

Now, they’re holding emergency secret meetings with the president in which they “vent their ObamaCare anger” and release statements after the meeting “torching” the Regime.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, borrowing a phrase from another horrific administration, declared that the ObamaCare debacle has caused “a crisis of confidence.”

So much can change in one month.

Now would be a perfect time for Republicans to unify behind a free market based health care plan of their own  to present to the American people as an alternative to the crap sandwich that’s currently being forced down their throats.  

Running in 2014 on being simply anti-ObamaCare, without explaining what their alternative ideas are – ain’t gonna cut it. 

Hey Congress? How about dropping immigration reform, and uniting behind a Republican alternative to ObamaCare?