Support For Landrieu Tanking In Louisiana Due To ObamaCare

Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has enjoyed approval ratings well above 50 percent for most of her tenure in the Senate, but thanks to the unmitigated disaster known as ObamaCare (or the Affordable Care Act as Democrats now call it) she’s seeing her poll numbers plummeting.

A new poll by the Southern Media and Opinion Research shows approval of Landrieu’s job performance dropping to 46 percent.

Via The AP:

In another possible blow, 54 percent of those polled said they’d be less likely to vote for the Democratic senator’s re-election next year because of her vote for President Barack Obama’s signature health law. Landrieu has maintained her strong support of the federal law.

“This is gloomy for her re-election,” said pollster Bernie Pinsonat. “She’s tied to the Affordable Care Act. Unless there’s a dramatic turnaround, she’s going to have a very, very tough time getting re-elected.”

Speaking of her reelection chances,  Landrieu told reporters earlier today that she wasn’t concerned about ANYTHING. 

What more – last month, Landrieu made clear in a speech on the Senate floor, that she still supported ObamaCare, and if her constituents didn’t like it, they could  “unelect” her.

We did not wake up one morning and declare this the law. The people of the United States declared this through us as their Representatives. If they do not like it, they can unelect us. Believe me, they will have a great chance because I am up for reelection right now. They will be able to do that. But that is the way you do it,” she said.

And so it will be done.

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