Jay Carney: Of Course Benghazi Was An Attack!

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Ed Henry asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about pronouncements he made in the White House briefing room, in the days following the Benghazi attack, referring to Fox News’ exclusive report on newly declassified documents that show the nation’s top civilian and uniformed defense officials, prior to a previously scheduled meeting with Obama, already knew that the assault was a terrorist attack.  

“You said we did not know it was a terror attack, Henry said.”Why, if leaders said they knew, would you say that?”

Jay Carney, bristling, answered, “of course it was an attack, the facility was attacked. I know there’s an effort to color outside lines but that’s not accurate…”

For the record, in the days following the attack, Carney repeatedly characterized the Benghazi massacre as a protest that was a “response to a video that was offensive to Muslims.” He also said, “we have no information to suggest it was a pre-planned attack.”

Here’s a video montage created by John Sexton, showing Carney and the president blaming the Benghazi attack on the video, (when, of course, they knew otherwise.)



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