Chicago College Student Murdered–After Giving Robbers What They Wanted

Chicago College Student Murdered–After Giving Robbers What They Wanted

Kevin Baker, a 19-year-old student at Harold Washington College, was the kind of kid who focused on his schoolwork, despite all the dangers and distractions of the South Side. He followed the rules and didn’t take any risks when two men held him up at gunpoint last week and demanded his cellphone. He handed it over.

They shot him anyway. 

At 4:15 in the afternoon. 

Here is his grief-stricken mother, telling local news how he had resisted joining a gang:

“He had fights. Eighteen people jumped him. He had fights on the bus to try to make him a gangbanger and he never ever let them change who he was,” said Nina Baker.

When the robbers asked him what gang he was in, he could not answer.

So they killed him.

This is the kind of horrifying violence that plagues Third World, post-conflict societies like my native South Africa. Only it is happening in the president’s home town, near his neighborhood. And his former chief of staff, now the mayor of Chicago, seems unable to do anything about it.

Our politicians get on their high horses about gun control, but the criminals show no more respect for existing gun laws than for any other laws. Crime in Chicago has descended to the point where human life has no value.

A year ago, the president made a good speech on the South Side. What has happened since then? Anything?


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