Fox News Dominates Cable Ratings

Fox News Dominates Cable Ratings

Fox News had a banner week at the end of January. Not only did it crush its cable news competition it beat every other advertiser supported cable network.

TV Newser reports that Fox News averaged 2.26 million viewers during primetime beating MSNBC which came in 21st with 894,000 primetime viewers. CNN, whose ratings have slumped lately, came in 29th with 608,000 primetime viewers.

Boosted by the State of the Union, Fox News not only beat the cable news competition, it bested ESPN, the History Channel and USA Network. These are the highest primetime ratings Fox has seen since April 2013 when news of the Boston bombing dominated cable.

Last week, TV Newser reported that Fox came in 7th place for the month of January overall, trailing ESPN, History and USA (the three it beat last week) plus TBS, TNT and Discovery. The January ranking apparently cut off before last week’s banner ratings.