Fear not, a talking-point barrage is incoming

In response to Democrats Silent After CBO Opens Up on Obamacare:

Fear not, my friend, because the Democrats spent all day rehearsing their mindless parrot talking point, and downloading into the brains of their drone followers will commence forthwith.  That talking point is JOB LOCK.  I’m making a style decision right now that I hope my Conversation colleagues will emulate: the term should always be rendered in ALL CAPS.  

As Mark Levin noted on the radio last night, even dinosaur lifer tyrants like Harry Reid, who wouldn’t understand what he was looking at if he spent a day watching private-sector employees turn in honest work, waddled out and started croaking JOB LOCK yesterday.  They’re all staring to say it in unison, like a chorus of the damned.

So get ready for the Democrats to spin that devastating CBO report by telling their followers that jobs are basically prison sentences, and unemployment due to ObamaCare is a jailbreak.  Without the need to worry about working to pay for health insurance, people would flit between jobs like bees pollinating a field of flowers.  Careers are for chumps, my friends.  Working for the same employer over a long period of time is a grueling purgatory people are shoved into by the soul-crushing need to get health insurance, which is even more vitally necessary than food and water.  

JOB LOCK is the reason you have not been able to fulfill your deep-seated desire to write cowboy poetry while taxpayers feed and clothe you.  Every time your employer pulls you in for an annual review and gives you a raise, you can feel the shackles of JOB LOCK tightening on your ankles.  When you get right down to it, work is a humiliating experience – you’ve got to swallow your pride and do what other people say, just because they give you money.  Freedom from want is the only true freedom, and that’s why JOB LOCK must be destroyed.

Is a significant portion of the American electorate stupid enough to buy this?  Maybe.  But I’m betting the JOB LOCK talking point won’t actually last far beyond the next round of Sunday shows, so enjoy it while you can.  You’re going to hear just about every Democrat politician and surrogate croak that phrase over the next week or so.


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