VA staffers ignored veterans' needs so they could work on ObamaCare

The two biggest, most corrupt disasters in the history of Big Government collide, as whistleblower Scott Davis from the Atlanta branch of the VA tells the same story we’ve heard many times before, from around the country – 17,000 veterans’ applications for health care were hidden or destroyed, to cook the books and make top officials look good – and then drops this bombshell in an interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox News:

Cavuto: When you say to hit goals, is the goal a dollar goal or is it get the applications complete? Sometimes keep on top of this so there are no delays, or is it keep on top of it and get rid of something that could hurt our numbers?

Davis: Well, for what I’ve witnessed, it’s based on a performance goal.

Cavuto: How is that performance measured?

Davis: That performance is measured based on our ability to turn around an application from beginning to end within a five-day turn around. There’s an acceptable percentage that we have to have, which is in excess of 80% for all applications that comes into that office. What you find is that there’s extensive pressure on the staff to process applications, to focus our attention to applications based on specific campaigns. For example, I shared with your producer that we actually put incoming applications aside so we could focus on the ACA related applications that came in over last summer. That’s wrong. We should treat each veteran equally and focus on applications, as they come in, not because of special campaigns coming out of D.C.

Wonderful!  The VA system was already stuffing vets into closets to goose their performance stats, while hundreds of thousands of them awaited treatment… and now it turns out manpower from that decrepit system was looted to keep the equally decrepit ObamaCare boondoggle running.  

That Cavuto transcript is from Truth Revolt, which also quotes from an Atlanta Journal-Constitution interview with Davis (original here, but behind a paywall) in which he describes the dismal attitude prevalent across the VA network: “We don’t discuss veterans. We do not work for veterans. That is something that I learned after working there. Our customer is the VA central office, the White House and the Congress. The veterans are not our priority. So whatever the initiatives are or the big ticket items, that is what we focus on.”

Well, in that case, personnel from the VA should fit neatly into the ObamaCare hierarchy, because that’s all about central power in Washington, too.  We’ve already been treated to the spectacle of Democrats telling sick people to quit complaining about their shabby treatment by the ObamaCare bureaucracy, declaring that as a matter of soulless Democrat ideology, those people don’t exist at all.  If you should happen to die while waiting for your lawsuit against ObamaCare to crawl through the system, please do it without making any more political problems for the President and his Party – they’re looking at a tough enough November as it is.  Tell me you can’t see that attitude leading to secret death lists kept by bureaucrats who collect fat bonuses for their outstanding performance, just like at the Department of Veterans Affairs… not just in one facility, but from coast to coast.

Government of, by, and for the government, with the people an afterthought: coming soon to an ObamaCare-ravaged medical facility near you.


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