Does Barry Need a Hillary Hug?

With his numbers  in the tank and his policies from the Middle East to America’s southern border under assault from all fronts – so much so that even his previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking pot shots, this back-hand from Politico may be the ultimate insult.

Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama: Let’s hug it out 

 Hillary Clinton called President Barack Obama on Tuesday to “make sure he knows that nothing she said was an attempt to attack him” when she recently discussed her views on foreign policy in an interview with The Atlantic, according to a statement from a Clinton spokesman.

Call it a hunch, but with the twocamps still taking swipes at one another on social media, that big old Clinton/Obama ‘group hug’ may be just a bit further off than Politico would have you believe.

In the interview, Clinton dismissed the Obama administration’s self-described foreign policy principle of “Don’t do stupid stuff.” And while she also praised Obama several times, Clinton nonetheless called his decision not to assist Syrian rebels early on a “failure.”

Earlier Tuesday, longtime top Obama aide David Axelrod took a swipe at Clinton on Twitter, writing: “Just to clarify: ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first place, which was a tragically bad decision.”