Javier Manjarres: Perry Indictment A Political Witchhunt

The Ferguson, Missouri riots continue to make headlines around the country, as the Missouri National Guard has now been called in to try to bring calm and stability to the city.

Today on NewsmaxTV’s “America’s Forum,” I joined host J.D. Hayword and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz to discuss the rioting, as well as the Texas Governor Rick Perry’s new and bogus legal woes.

Dershowitz and I were in agreement that the indictment against Perry stunk of a political witchhunt.

Like I have said before, if they can’t beat you at the ballot box, expect leftist to try to beat you in the courts. I echoed this sentiment on the program, and added that the tactic of throwing anything at the political wall, in hopes that something will stick, seems to be happening to Perry in Texas.

As we continue to see wedge issues like gay marriage losing on election day, expect to see more of these issues-advocates press the courts for a better outcome.