Obama's Halo Turns Into Horns

Obama's Halo Turns Into Horns

The times – they are a-changin’.

A few years ago it was commonplace to see photos of Obama with his head framed with angelic halos.

The phenomenon began in 2008, continued for at least a couple of years into his presidency, and was resurrected in time for his reelection campaign. No other president or candidate for president has ever been presented with so many halos.

These not so subtle attempts to deify the “Chicago Jesus” began with photos of his campaign logo framing his head like a halo. As soon as he was elected, he would be photographed with the presidential seal surrounding his head like a halo. Sometimes the lighting was such that Obama appeared to be glowing like some God-like, supernatural presence. 

Now, five and a half years in, we see the exact opposite effect. Drudge debuted a photo of Obama from his speech last night with the curtains behind him formed into the shape of devil horns. Although it’s doubtful that this will be the first in a series of similar horned pictures, one can’t help but wonder if the last few years of  lies, deception and scandals have finally taken a toll on how photographers present him.


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