Obama's "Weak And Defeatist" War Plan Against ISIs

President Obama addressed the American people this week, assuring them that  he now had a plan to defeat the terror group ISIS.

Remember that just the other day, Obama said that he didn’t have a plan to counter ISIS.

The President came off strong and confident, but his message of  “degrade and ultimately destroy”  ISIS was expectedly weak and defeatist.

First off, Obama failed to properly identify ISIS for what they are, a radical Islamic terrorists group. Instead, Obama said that the group “is not Islamic” nor  was it an “Islamic state,” simply a terrorist organization.

Then Obama said that ISIS posed a threat to Iraq, Syria, and a “broader Middle East,” but did not yet pose a direct or specific threat to the U.S., adding that he will lead a broad coalition to counter ISIS, which would include Middle East countries.

Seriously, how long do you think these Muslim countries will stay in the fight against their own people, regardless of whether or not they are terrorists?

This is a holy war.

As long as Mohammed, Allah, and 74 virgins are part of the mix, Muslims will always back their own against any and all “infidels.”


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