Hey Barack, Don't Count On The Arab Nations For Much Help


 After President Obama announced that he would seek the assistance of Arab nations to “destroy” the terror group ISL, or ISIS, the State Department is now saying that these Arab nations “could participate in non-lethal ways against any air campaign” waged against the group.

While France has offered to help with the airstrikes with reconnaissance sorties, the British have said that they will stay out of the conflict.

“The terrorist threat is global and the response must be global,” French President Francois Hollande said in opening Monday’s conference. “There is no time to lose.” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius acknowledged that a number of the countries at the table Monday had “very probably” financed ISIS’s advances.

The problem that Obama faces is simple. Arab nations will not side with the U.S., or any other perceived infidels, to kill or maim their Muslim brethren, regardless of whether they are Islamic extremists or not.

Don’t  expect Arab nations to participate in the direct targeting of Muslims.

France, who has a large Muslims population, open itself up to possible protests and riots, if they and when they assist in eradicating ISIS or side against any Muslim state or interest. 


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