ISIS Roils NH Senate Race

With two individuals beheaded by Islamic State group ISIS, journalists James Foley and Steven Sotlof, having ties to New Hampshire, the issue of confronting the terrorist group has emerged as a major one in the Senate race in New Hampshire.

The dangerous militant group that has taken control of a swath of the Middle East and publicly beheaded Westerners on video has become a major campaign issue in the New Hampshire US Senate race.

Foley hailed from Rochester, NH and Sotlof graduated from Kimball Union Academy, in Meriden, in 2002.

Today, Scotty Brown issued a letter to Jeanne Shaheen calling on the incumbent to “reintroduce my prior legislation that would strip U.S. citizenship from those fighting alongside ISIS and prevent them from returning to the United States by taking from them their greatest weapon — a U.S. passport.”

Previously, Brown has called on Shaheen to work to secure the border, in part due to the threat from foreign terrorists.

There is “nothing more important” for America’s safety and security than securing the southern U.S. border, Brown told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview following a campaign event with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) here.

That’s especially so, he said, since terrorists from ISIS have reported to have been plotting getting into the U.S.–if they haven’t already–through the “porous” southern border.


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