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GOP beginning To Listen To The People In Mid-Terms


For months, the GOP consulting class has been relentlessly and primarily beating the ObamaCare drum despite calls from the grassroots and news outlets, most especially Breitbart News that the ground was shifting and it was time to broaden the message.

Clearly immigration, foreign policy and the economy have been increasingly foremost in the minds of voters, including the GOP base, as we head on toward November. Now, finally, the Republican establishment and consulting class appears to be getting the message – and getting their own messaging right in the process.

Polls show that voters don’t see the law as a top concern, and both Democrats and Republicans say the election will turn on a range of issues.

That outlook is causing both parties to adjust. While some Republicans had billed the election as a referendum on the health law, the GOP is now delivering a broader indictment of what the party describes as the Obama administration’s failures. Some Democrats are cautiously stepping out to defend the law, highlighting its most popular provisions while suggesting fixes.


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