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Gov. Christie Responds to Report Feds Have Nothing Linking Him to Lane Closures (Video)


Gov. Christie says he’s not surprised by a report by and NBC affiliate in New York suggesting that federal investigators have found nothing linking him to the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge which occurred last year.

Gov. Christie was asked about the NBC report during a radio interview yesterday evening. “I told the people of New Jersey, directly and honestly, on January 9th that I had no knowledge of this and no role of any kind in the planning or execution of it.” Christie said. He added, “what matters most to me is that the people of New Jersey know that I tell them the truth.”

Video of the interview was posted to the Governor’s You Tube account last night.

The NBC affiliate in New York reported that the federal investigation into lane closures is not complete, meaning a final decision has not been issued. However, it quotes a former federal prosecutor not connected to the case who suggests that if no evidence has turned up after nine months, it’s likely it never will.

Christie was also asked about the ongoing investigation by New Jersey Democrats. He did not repeat a call he had made earlier in the day for them to wrap up their investigation but did criticize Democrats for leaking information.


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