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NYC Climate March Floods City With … Diesel Fumes


Putting aside participant Leonardo DiCaprio’s penchant for private jets and several resource devouring mansions of his own to fly to and from, a funny thing happened on the way to today’s big climate march in New York City. Participants used over 500 green house gas spewing buses to get there from all across the country. 

Some of the comments in response to this Junk Science tweet are hilarious.

The New York Times reported on the buses here.

The march, which as of this week had confirmed 496 buses coming from as far away as Kansas, will coincide with similar events in 158 countries. 

Though the buses will be using gas, the floats will either be powered by biodiesel or pulled by hand, Ms. Foderaro noted.

Oops! From the “Union of Concerned Scientists” back in 2008

Diesel engines power most of the nation’s trucks, buses, trains, ships, and off-road equipment. With mounting evidence that diesel exhaust poses major health hazards, reducing diesel pollution has become a public priority.


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