Democrats: Holding the Senate Is Women's Work

Democrats: Holding the Senate Is Women's Work

Al Hunt writing at Bloomberg News claims, “Democrats know that keeping control of the Senate this election year isn’t a man’s job. Success will depend on the votes of women.
A gender gap has long been evident in U.S. politics: Men more often vote Republican and women are more likely to back Democrats. Both of these trends have accelerated in recent years”.

Hunt goes on to point out that most if not all vulnerable Democrats will need a double digit margin among female voters to win … “Democrats need a big margin — at least in the double digits — with female voters.”

Sadly, this doesn’t say anything good for a possible Democrat-driven serious and productive discussion in and around politics as we mover toward November. What it means is we can expect even more of the mostly empty but highly inflammatory Democrat rhetoric about an alleged “War on Women.” That’s a war tehy only seem to care about when not trying their best to destroy any and every Republican woman who dares to raise her voice when it’s out of the Democrat’s lock-step party line.

To up their margin among female voters, Democrats will most likely begin to rely more and more on divisive, misleading and ultimately intelligence-insulting political rhetoric that’s more nonsense, than anything. One may as well prepare for it, as it is sue to be coming to airwaves and campaign rallies near you this Fall if you live in a politically competitive state.


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