As Obama Hits UN, Big Dollar Dem Donors Behind Surge In Energy Ads

Given facts like this, one has to wonder if Barack Obama’s audience was at the UN today, or were they the type of deep pocketed Democrat donors needed to try and gin up their base before November’s elections?

Political ads about energy and the environment will likely reach their highest number ever this election cycle, according to the Cook Political Report.

While these issues usually don’t rule the national polls of top midterm election priorities, there are several competitive races this cycle with energy at the forefront, especially in the Senate. There is also new outside money being spent on environmental issues, particularly from billionaire Tom Steyer, who has spent a reported $26.6 million of his own money this cycle to raise the profile of climate change through his super-PAC NextGen Climate Action.

Obama and the Democrats political strategy since 2008 has been all about turning out their base in higher numbers, as opposed to reach out to a broader audience. His current actions and these developmentsindicate that hasn’t changed.


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