Senator Marco Rubio: 'If I Were President, I Would…'

Senator Marco Rubio told Fox News host Neil Cavuto that if he were President of the United States, he would deploy more U.S. troops to the Middle East.

Rubio, who contends that Obama dropped the ball by pulling the U.S. military out of Iraq and Afghanistan too soon, said he wouldn’t send troops numbering 100,000 to the region, but enough to establish a significant U.S. presence.

Rubio also expressed his opposition to potential 2016 GOP presidential opponent, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who has opposed arming the Syrian rebels against ISIS.

Paul’s concerns about arming a rag-tag rebellion are valid, as many of these fighters fought U.S. forces in Iraq, and could very well turn on the U.S. later on, if and when the climate political climate changes in Syria and elsewhere.

Rubio made the case that because the U.S. did not confront the ISIS threat early on, the terrorist group was able to firmly embed itself in Syria.

Staying on the topic of a possible 2016 presidential run, Rubio told Cavuto that he would not base his decision of whether to run for President or not, on what his political mentor Jeb Bush would do.

If this is true, Rubio will not wait to see what Bush will do, as many has suspected he would. 


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