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What About Obama's Latte Salute?


In response to Obama’s latte salute vs. Bush’s dog salute:

First of all, this picture of ‘W’ holding Barney is one of my favorites of all time.

Notice how Barney’s right ear is also at the position of attention. I believe that the pooch was doing his best to salute as well, but his master was keeping him from doing so.

Secondly, not only did Obama salute with a latte in his hand, but he was also wearing dark sunglasses. Now, I know you are all going to say that wearing sunglasses and saluting is not a big deal, but couple that with the latte and his trade mark “I’m gonna get you sucka” strut he steps in to every time he exits an aircraft, and the optics of the salute look really, really bad.

Maybe next time Barry will salute holding a McDonald’s Quarterpounder?


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