Is The So Called War on Women Over In Colorado?

Has the so called ‘war on women’ battle cry finally turned into a tired old refrain? It’s possible given development in Colorado in the race between Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Rep. Cory Gardner.

According to a state Democrat operative, “Gardner gave him a lot to work with on that subject, but a lot people think he may have overdone it.”

Whatever the reason, it’s failed to move the numbers and Udall finds himself tied at best and behind in some polls.

Colorado pollster Floyd Ciruli, who’s done work for both parties, said that “for a while, the national environment turned very negative against the Democrats” — and agreed that Udall’s “war on women” attacks may be growing stale.

“I do think there is a case to be made that it has run out of impact, that it’s gotten to its marginal utility,” said Ciruli. “And now, there may be a feedback loop making fun of it.”

He added it seemed as though Udall has been running a single-issue campaign for some time, and while “it is a litmus test for some people, it is not a major issue for everyone.”


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