Republicans More Interested and Motivated For Mid-Term Elections


A new survey released by Louisiana State University Public Policy Research Lab indicates that Republicans are both following the news more closely and more likely to vote when it comes to the upcoming November elections.

“Generally, in mid-term elections, Republicans make up a bigger share [of the voters.], but I don’t think that’s all that’s going on here. Republicans are just very excited about [the U.S. Senate race],” said Mike Henderson, director of LSU’s Public Policy Research Lab. has summarized some of the key findings of the LSU Public Policy Research Lab based upon the full survey.

Both Democrats and Republicans are weighing control of the U.S. Congress when considering the upcoming elections, even though only 38 percent of people surveyed could identify the political party of their current congressman. 

The economy and foreign affairs were the issues people surveyed considered most important. Over 80 percent of people surveyed said the economy was important and 78 percent said foreign policy and national security were important. 

Louisiana voters are much more excited about this election than other Americans. About 51 percent of registered voters surveyed told LSU they are worked up about the voting, compared to just 40 percent of registered voters nationwide. 

Black voter turnout could potentially be high, which is probably a good sign for Landrieu. Black voters are more enthusiastic about the 2014 elections compared to previous mid-term congressional elections. 

White Republicans are the most engaged group however. LSU found that 84 percent of white Republicans said they were almost certain to vote. 

Black Democrats in the Baton Rouge area appear especially likely to vote. About 87 percent of black Democrats in Baton Rouge who are registered to vote said they were likely to cast a ballot. 

A majority of Louisiana voters surveyed (53 percent) disapprove of how President Barack Obama is doing his job. Congress gets worse marks. Only 20 percent of Louisiana voters approve the job congressmen are doing. 

Same-sex marriage was not considered a priority for either the Democrats or the Republicans surveyed. Less than half of the people (49 percent) said it was an important issue. 


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