"Bipartisan" Dem Congressman Forgets He Called Republicans "The Taliban"


The gloves have come off quite a while back in the contentious congressional race between incumbent Democrat Congressman Joe Garcia and Republican congressional nominee, Carlos Curbelo.

Garcia has been relentlessly trying to convince voters that Curbelo must be hiding something, because he has not divulged a list of past and present clients from his firm, Capitol Gains.

Aside from Garcia and the Democrats now trying to frame Curbelo as a “Tea Party” candidate after he received the endorsements from former Congressman Allen West, and Senator Marco Rubio, Garcia’s “client list” case against Curbelo seems to falling of deaf ears.

 Curbelo punched back at Garcia in a recent interview, saying that the congressman’s recent “arbitrary request” for Curbelo to disclose his client list, was just an attempt by the embattled congressman to “manufacture a scandal.”

Curbelo said that Garcia has had ” a lot of issues following the law” and pointed out that his past congressional campaign committed absentee ballot fraud, which subsequently led to the arrest and incarceration of his friend and former campaign manager, Jeffrey Garcia.

In addition, Curbelo asserts that he has followed the law, and has even filed two financial disclosure forms (state and federal) as opposed to Garcia, who has only filed the one mandatory federal disclosure form.

Rep. Garcia has been campaigning on the platform that he is a “bipartisan” member of the U.S. Congress, who reaches across the aisle to Republicans and plays nice.

But Curbelo isn’t fooled, and is out to make sure neither are the voters he looks to represent in Washington, D.C.

According to Curbelo, who says that one of the “highlights of his (Garcia) bipartisanship” is the time Garcia took to the House floor to call Republicans the Taliban.

Yes, he said it.

We just need our colleagues to step up and push aside these extremist elements, this Taliban that is in America’s core for some reason.” Rep. Joe Garcia (D)  Miami Herald

Curbelo adds that Garcia’s not-so-bipartisan voting record reflects that he “votes with Nancy Pelosi and Democrats 87% percent of the time,” and that he supported Obama’s 30-hour work week under Obamcare, a measure that would hurt low-income Americans.


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