GOP Seizes On Obama’s Ego Driven Comments

Barack Obama, with his sagging popularity, opened the door for the GOP when he recently suggested the November mid-terms are all about him

Now, Republicans are seizing on the comments in competitive races all over the country – including New Hampshire and Louisiana.

GOP seizes on Obama comment about his policies

President Barack Obama gave Republicans a gift of sorts by confirming their midterm election narrative that next month’s balloting is a referendum on his policies. Within hours, GOP candidates across the election landscape capitalized on his words with ads tying their Democratic opponents to the unpopular president. 

Obama’s ego may get a rush from his highlighting his importance during what’s already a tough election year for Democrats; however, it is making vulnerable Democrats like Mary Landrieu in Louisiana work just that much harder as she tries to distance herself from a largely unpopular president

Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu faces a difficult balancing act as she runs for re-election in a red state that feels no love for Barack Obama.

The three-term Democrat must keep the president at arm’s length, but not so far away that she alienates core supporters whose votes are crucial to her election hopes. On the campaign trail and even in ads, Landrieu tells Louisiana voters she’ll always put them first — even if that means bucking the president.


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