Concierge Service for Obama Donors at the Department of Homeland Security

In response to Obama Chides the GOP For Being ‘In The Pocket Of Billionaires’ Before Attending Fundraiser At Billionaire’s House :

That’s the state of liberalism in the Obama era: the President gets paid by some billionaires to say mean things about other billionaires.  Some are looted so that others can be subsidized.  Political connections are the most valuable resource in a controlled economy.  

There’s no better resource for understanding the dimensions of the problem than Jason Mattera’s new book “Crapitalism,” which runs through the entire roll-call of big-ticket cronies.  I thought the chapter on Tom Steyer was particularly illuminating, for anyone who thinks the man who bought the Democrat Party for cash on the barrelhead is motivated entirely by an altruistic, if perhaps misguided, devotion to the environment.  No, he has big financial interests that benefit handsomely from the use of government power to beat the cheese out of his competitors, just like all the rest of them.

No sooner did I finish “Crapitalism” than news broke of just how extensive Obama’s concierge service for his top donors is.  If you’re a big-bucks Obama donor, and your son gets a bit frisky on his all-expenses-paid trip to Columbia as part of a “White House advance team,” the Department of Homeland Security will obligingly bury embarrassing investigative reports.  

With his resume dry-cleaned and martinized into spotless condition, your son can go on to score a sweet full-time consulting position with the State Department.  Heck, his experience at dealing with the Colombian prostitution industry might even be seen as a resume enhancer for work at the Office on Global Women’s Isssues!

It’s a question of mutual advantage, to be sure, since the President’s re-election campaign might suffer if an embarrassment on foreign soil can’t be fully shunted onto some scapegoats who have been sworn to silence, such as the Secret Service.  Investigators might be explicitly instructed to “delay the report of the investigation until after the 2012 election,” but after that, your kid is on his own.  Of course, since the media is basically an extension of the Obama Administration, it’s not as if anyone’s likely to go sniffing around the dirty laundry, at least not until some rascally Republican investigator gets involved.  Obama donors are assured that the full arsenal of the Administration-Media Complex will be deployed to attack such investigators, or at least ignore them until they go away.

“What happens in Cartegna stays in Cartagena,” says the Obama Donor Services division of the Department of Homeland Security.  It’s just one of the many ways you’ll enjoy platinum-level service with your Party credentials.  Trust me when I say there’s no better investment you can make than buying influence with Barack Obama!  You won’t even have to worry about being called a “special interest” or “lobbyist” in the press.  No, it’ll say “activist” right on your Party card, and that’s all they’ll need to see.


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