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Karl Rove Burns More Donor Cash on Worthless Ads in Key States

Karl Rove Burns More Donor Cash on Worthless Ads in Key States

As the GOP continues to struggle – more than many believe it should have to – to take control of the Senate this year, it’s worth remembering that goal was actually closer to realization in 2012 and today’s establishment GOP blew it – big time.

But when November (2012) rolled around, Democrats not only kept control of the Senate, they actually gained two more seats, making it that much more difficult for the GOP to take over the chamber this cycle. 

And many Republican donors who deluded themselves into believing Mitt Romney had a strong chance to win the White House and that GOP control of the Senate was within reach felt deflated and misled.
That defeat clearly impacted potential Republican donors in 2013 and this year.

The reason it’s worth remembering is because pretty much the same thing may be getting ready to happen, again.

Poll after poll has been demonstrating that while voters are far from sold on Obamacare, it’s simply not the hot button issue illegal immigration, foreign policy as regards radical Islam and now Ebola are with voters. Yet, traditionally Karl Rove and/or Republican establishment-aligned groups continue to not engage on those key issues most on voter’s minds as we head toward November.

Obamacare: The Incredible Fading Issue
Politicians hoping the health care law will swing 2014 elections will be sorely disappointed.

In state after state, Rove-aligned groups and others perhaps taking their lead from them are spending large volumes of ad dollars that may please big corporate donors, but will most likely not resonate with voters. The last genuine wave election for Republicans was the so called Tea Party driven wave of 2010. 

Since then, Rove and other establishment Republicans have done everything they can to blunt the impact of the conservative grass roots come election time –  and the GOP has under-performed electorally as a result. At this point, even if it ekes out a majority in November, given the unpopularity of the chief Democrat in the White House and a festering dissatisfaction with Democrat-aligned policies nationally going into this year, it is not unfair to say that the Republican establishment has come up short when it mattered most, yet once again.

The former Bush advisor’s super-PAC will try to hit Democratic candidates for their support of Obamacare.

Crossroads and other establishment GOP groups are spending millions of dollars talking about what their big donors want to hear, instead of what’s on voters’ minds.  

Crossroads is also re-upping ad buys in Iowa and Arkansas–with new Obamacare-themed spots airing Tuesday as well on behalf of Republicans. On Monday the group launched new Obamacare ads to support GOP senate candidates in Alaska and Kentucky.

Crossroads also recently purchased $3 million worth of ad time in New Hampshire for a single week of commercials that will be designed to support Republican Scott Brown’s attempt to unseat incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Those are due to start running the week of October 13.


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