Obama, Dems Tanking With Public At Critical Juncture

Obama, Dems Tanking With Public At Critical Juncture

Two new ominous polls for Democrats have both the party’s and the president’s numbers tanking just as we head into the stretch run for the November mid-terms.

Washington Post/ABC News poll released Wednesday has Obama’s job approval down to 40%, the lowest point ever in his tenure. A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll also released today has him at 42%.

In fact, according to CNN, “Obama could be pulling down his party as just 39% of Americans hold a favorable view of the Democratic Party, the lowest in modern history….”

That’s not to say that the GOP is doing any better in the eyes of would be voters. However, as its hold on the Senate and the White House tend to cast it as the party in power in Washington, a throw the bums out mentality in three weeks on election day would most likely benefit Republicans, more so than Democrats in the end.

Republicans continued to register lower favorability marks than Democrats with just 33% expressing a positive view of the GOP. And among independents, Democrats also edged out the GOP with 33% favorability compared to 28% for Republicans. 

But the public doesn’t parse on partisan politics when it comes to rating Congress, slamming the legislature with an 83% disapproval rating according to a September CNN/ORC poll.


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