Video: Democrats’ Early Exit from Obama Rally

President Obama attended a rally for gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown in Maryland on Sunday. The event drew a large crowd but some people walked out before the President was even done speaking.

WBAL-TV in Baltimore, Maryland captured video of people trying to exit the packed auditorium while the even was in progress.

Attendees at the rally who spoke to WBAL blamed the walk-out on poor organization. Many people waited in the sun for up to two hours and then waited another hour for the rally to begin with no word on whether the President was even on his way. By the time the President spoke, many people just wanted to take their photo and start the long journey back to their cars.

However, even leaving early wasn’t easy because of the President’s security. An attendee named Francis tells WBAL, “Once you got outside, you really couldn’t leave. Police wouldn’t let you leave until the motorcade had left.”

The rally in a middle-school auditorium apparently held as many as 8,000 people. President Obama is still popular in heavily Democratic counties of Maryland, but it seems some of his fans are more interested in seeing a celebrity than in listening to what he had to say.


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