The ‘War on Women’ chokes out in a cloud of hypocrisy and failure

In response to For Democrats, ‘The Republican War On Women’ Is Now Literally A Punchline (Video):

The “War on Women” was also literally a punch line for CNN anchor Carol Costello, who laughed herself sick over audio of Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol telling the police how a man threw her to the ground and dragged her around while screaming sexual epithets at her.  Costello is refusing to apologize for drooling over the audio as one of the most amusing things her network has ever aired.  The idea that she still has a job is absolutely mind-blowing.  

Many have remarked on the incredible hypocrisy of treating the Palin incident this way, when a comparable segment about, say, Chelsea Clinton would have turned Costello into a radioactive national pariah overnight.  One of the reasons the CNN anchor is resisting an on-air apology for her conduct is that she’d have to explain why she reflexively decided the Bristol Palin audio should be presented as an object of amusement, and there’s no good way to explain that.  It’s pure partisan politics, prejudice, and hypocrisy, revealing incredibly sloppy “journalistic” standards at CNN (I’m convinced Costello misunderstood what some of the bleeped obscenities in the tape were – she thought it was Bristol swearing at the cops, but it was actually the young woman recall what her attacker screamed at her while dragging her around), a complete lack of editorial oversight, and the sheer hypocrisy of the Left’s “War on Women” jive.  

They clearly have no problem whatsoever with seeing war made upon some women.  If they believed a word of the swill they’ve been pumping out in a desperate bid to hang on to women voters, it would never even momentarily occur to them that an audiotape of a hysterical young woman recounting physical assault was funny.  (And it wasn’t just Costello – she knew her audience, and you don’t have to look very far on lefty websites to find applause.  It’s only just starting to dawn on the psycho lefties how normal people are going to interpret their reaction; doubtless a few blog posts will be swept down the Memory Hole.)  The ostensible tenets of feminism are not a deeply-held, cherished belief that guides rational conduct – it’s a pose they must remember to consciously adopt, and they forget very quickly when they see an opportunity to score partisan points, or have a good laugh at the misfortune of a political hate fetish.

The other big reason this “War on Women” stuff is dying out for the Left is that women who are somewhat receptive to the complaint aren’t finding much to like in liberal “solutions.”  The only real “Ebola panic” going on out there is from Democrats panicking over how perpetual government faceplants are shaking voters’ faith in the ability of Really Freaking Huge Government to protect them.  It’s the latest round of tremors in a fever that has gripped managerial liberalism for most of the Obama era, growing acute after the crash and burn of ObamaCare.  Every individual setback they’ve suffered contributes to that loss of faith… from people angry about the government lying to them, appalled at incompetent domestic administration, alarmed at a foreign policy that reduced the world to flaming ruins, and cranky about how the trillions of dollars we’ve given the mega-State have been spent on corruption, ideological indulgences, and Ruling Class luxuries instead of efficient service to the public.

This is affecting just about every demographic, beyond the people so abjectly dependent on government largesse that they don’t dare to criticize the Left, and the die-hard ideologues who won’t give up on socialism until every last dime of Other People’s Money has been frittered away.  But it seems to be building an especially significant bad vibe among the women voters Democrats have come to depend on so heavily.  Quite simply, it does little good to natter on about a War on Women, if women decide your Party isn’t who they want fighting for them.  I also suspect some women who were sympathetic to the Democrats in the previous few election cycles are growing exasperated with how much of the WOW pitch is based on lies.  People are not as foolish and easily led as the Left assumes; they do eventually get tired of hearing “statistics” they know are false.  If some recent polls suggesting young people are growing weary of the Democrat line hold up, and if the Republicans don’t blow it (a big “if,” I know) we could be looking at quite a realignment over the next few years.

Update: And right on cue,  the male Democrat candidate for governor in South Carolina calls Republican governor Nikki Haley a “whore” in a speech.  Just a little slip of the tongue, you understand.  


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