The Ministry of Silence

In response to Senator Chris Murphy, Jake Tapper and the Unsung Villains of GruberGate:

It’s amazing to think we reached the end of the week with a hard blackout imposed on the Gruber story by two major networks, ABC and NBC, while CBS gave it brief coverage… even as Jake Tapper over at CNN was breaking a new Gruber video.  That’s the one where Gruber talks about using lies and subterfuge to quietly destroy the tax deduction for health insurance, because the public stubbornly refused to part with it.  The good stuff comes about 30 minutes into the video below.

This effort by major networks to protect Obama and his monstrous health care scheme are simply childish; the other networks will be forced into discussing the story when it comes up on talk shows, and the online buzz is already well past critical mass.  They’re only creating a secondary scandal for themselves, when they’re obliged to explain why viewers of Fox News and CNN are so much better informed than their own viewers are.  I strongly suggest every Republican politician and conservative pundit who appears on an ABC or NBC talk show bring up Grubermania, and remind the audience of exactly how many stories the host network has run on him.

The Gruber blackout is extreme, but this isn’t new.  More than ever before, the Obama years have turned the mainstream media into the Ministry of Silence, helping Obama run his scandal protocols by obligingly giving minimal coverage to damaging stories until they could be dismissed as “old news.”  If memory serves correctly, it was NBC that managed to avoid mentioning Operation Fast and Furious until the day it had to explain to its viewers exactly why Attorney General Eric Holder had just made history by being held in contempt of Congress.  

(By the way, have you seen a lot of follow-up stories about what was in those Fast and Furious documents President Obama shielded with bogus claims of executive privilege, released at last under pressure from a federal judge and a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit?  Nothing in that document pile merited executive privilege.  All of it, including correspondence between Holder and his wife, was simply politically damaging material that Obama didn’t want the public to see while the Fast and Furious scandal was burning hot.  As far as I can tell, our “news gatekeepers” have displayed absolutely zero anger, or even curiosity, about this.)

The most subtle form of media bias has always been the stories not told, the details not explored, the context unrevealed.  Grubermania is the biggest story in America right now, because it exposes not only the layers of fraud and deception used to pass ObamaCare (and confirms President Obama himself was a fully involved conspirator, as if his “keep your plan if you like your plan” Big Lie wasn’t proof enough) but also lays bare the wretched bag of tricks used to foist so much of this bloated, inept centralized government on us.  A media organization that made it to Friday without reporting on Gruber may be fairly described as many things, but a “news” network is not one of them.