States: Show Me The Money For Climate Change

Supposedly, Obama is re-focusing his Climate Change efforts back toward the states after playing it up on the international stage. However, if one reads between the lines, it’s not hard to see that what this is actually about for many states is their bottom line, not the lines on any thermometer.

One measure calls for tools to track health problems linked to climate change, such as asthma.

Another asks Washington to integrate climate resilience planning criteria in all federal programs, such as those that provide transportation funding, “to ensure these projects will last as long as intended.”

The recommendations would “reorient” existing funds at a time when seeking new funding in Congress would be problematic since the new Republican leadership has said it will use federal budgets to weaken the president’s climate plan.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, let alone a climate scientist, to realize what this is ultimately about is ensuring any pipeline of money from Washington back to the states doesn’t dry up any time soon. Furthermore, given the lack of efficiency in monitoring said funds, it can be difficult to know precisely where any monies end up once in the hands of local and state governments.

The sea may or may not be rising but with Republicans trying to tighten Washington’s purse strings, the shell game may soon be up.