AP Runs Bizarre, Divisive Headline on Texas Senators Cruz and Cornyn

AP Runs Bizarre, Divisive Headline on Texas Senators Cruz and Cornyn

The Associated Press (AP) apparently sought to create a rift between Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn today with a misleading headline stating “Sen. Cruz Won’t Endorse Cornyn in Texas GOP Race.” Though accurate, Sen. Cruz actually said he would not be supporting any of the senators from the Republican Party or their opponents–he did not direct his statements at Sen. Cornyn. The AP, however, chose to give that impression to their readers. Regardless of the facts, the AP chose to report in a manner that served to create a division or rift, writing, “Senate sniping between establishment Republicans and tea partyers resumed Thursday as Sen. Ted Cruz refused to endorse his fellow GOP Texan in next week’s primary.”

When prompted, Senator Cruz made clear his intention to keep his ballot completely secret in the 2014 Election: “I am not supporting any of the senators from my party, or their opponents.”

AP credited Donna Cassata with direct contribution to the report, bringing some clarity to the article’s quick transition to Cruz being a pest to the GOP establishment:

Cruz is a tea party favorite — and potential 2016 presidential candidate — who has infuriated fellow Republicans by forcing uncomfortable votes on issues such as the debt, and by raising money for conservative groups trying to defeat veteran Republicans including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Senator Cruz has shown to be a favorite target of Ms. Cassata in the past, as she dutifully reported his stand against Obamacare in 2013 as an attempt to please the “far right flank,” taking a “heavy toll” on Senate Republicans:

The bipartisan compromise on Wednesday to avoid a financial default and end a 16-day partial government shutdown cast a spotlight on Republican Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah, who had precipitated the crises with their demand that President Barack Obama gut his 3-year-old health care law.

Other Republicans who repeatedly had warned the two about their quixotic move took little pleasure in saying “I-told-you-so.” After they failed to block the biggest expansion of the health care law, the shutdown and near default left the GOP reeling.

Sen. Cornyn, while enjoying a substantial fundraising advantage, is currently involved in a large primary contest. 

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